❥ So let’s talk a bit about MENTAL HEALTH ❥

✧ There’s still such a huge ass stigma on it, while lots of people are having a hard time staying sane in this insane world! ✧ We all suffer from something. Maybe you’ve had a severe accident, maybe you’ve lost somebody special, maybe you never got over that broken relationship, maybe you’re chronically ill, maybe you had a bad experience in the past (but some people are perfectly ‘fine’, and that’s a true blessing. I’m happy for you). ✧ I know lots of people do suffer from some kind of ‘disorder’ or another. It can be developed through trauma, genetics or lots of other things. It’s not like you do it on purpose! ✧ The thing is: let’s get rid of the stigma. Let’s be nice to people who áre suffering. People who’ve never had a depression could not imagine what a struggle life can be and that it truly is about surviving. What about anxiety? People who’ve never had anxiety as a disorder could not imagine what you’re going through when you’re having a panick attack or the feelings of severe anxiety. And that’s okay.
Just be nice to everybody, you don’t know what they’re going through ❥

✧ If you’re one of ‘us’, don’t let the negative opinion of those who don’t understand get in the way of seeking help, or even acknowledging there’s something lacking. Don’t be afraid to contact professionals. You too deserve to be happy #heyhetisoke


[What does a picture of a blossoming flower (or flowering blossom?) have anything to do with mental health? Well, whenever I’m feeling not too cheery, I like to take photos of beautiful flowers and be amazed by the perfection of nature. Find your way of having small happiness moments. Count your blessings. They could be right in front of you 🌸 ]

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